Top 10 Gold producing Country in the world



In2017, global gold mine production was a reported 3,247 tonnes. This figure is down 5 tonnes from the previous year and marks the first annual drop since 2008, according to the GFMS Gold Survey 2018 The driving forces behind the drop in output were environmental concerns, crackdowns on illegal mining operations and rising costs

China is the world’s ranked one gold producer reported in Year 2017 ,  and produces 426.1 tonnes Gold in Year 2017. China produces about 6% less gold in 2017 compared to the previous year ,it is Due to  government escalated efforts to fight pollution and increase environmental awareness

China produces about 13% of total global Gold

India current position in Gold production is very low and it produces less than 2 tonnes

Australia with total Gold production in Year 2017 is 295.1 tonne ranked second followed by Russia of production 270.7


Top 10 Gold producing Country in the world in

  Rank                Country                    2017 production


    (1) China                                            426

    (2) Australia                                     295.1

    (3)  Russia                                          270.7

    (4) United States                              230.0

     (5) Canada                                          175.6

     (6) Peru                                               162.4

      (7) Indonesia                                     153.3

      (8) South Africa                               139.9

      (9)  Mexico                                         130.5

      (10)  Ghana                                        101.7

 Note:- Tonne is also used when referring to a metric ton=1000 Kilograms

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